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Whatever brings you together as a group, nothing will bring you together like a walking tour on the Camino. We have created itineraries for groups of all sizes and types – contacting us is your first step is seeing what is possible for your group.

Diocesan and Parish Groups

The religious significance of the Camino is well documented – Santiago De Compostela became known as the 3rd great city of Christianity after Rome and Jerusalem and today, over 250,000 pilgrims a year are making the pilgrimage to the steps of the great cathedral.

Camino Groups brings all our expertise and commitment to helping diocesan and parish groups make the most of their pilgrimage. On a practical level, we offer all the same advantages as to any of our groups, as described below. On a spiritual level, we also have many useful suggestions that you might use to make your trip as spiritually rewarding as possible.

Whether it’s an adult, youth or mixed group making the great pilgrimage, Camino Groups will tailor make the package to suit your group.

Scouts and Youth Clubs

One of the unusual aspects to the profile of Irish pilgrims on the Camino is that of age – Irish pilgrims have tended to be older and also travel mostly in May and September. Yet the Camino is alive with the enthusiasm and vivacity of Spanish teenagers throughout the summer. At Camino Groups, we believe that the summertime is ideal for Irish youth groups to have the excursion of a lifetime.

For Scouts, the availability of albergues allows for the ideal of self-sufficiency to be fulfilled. While camping facilities are not readily available, the Camino still provides both a challenge and an opportunity for a Scout to prove his or her mettle on a number of fronts.

Youth clubs in Ireland tend to operate in conjunction with the school year so a Camino tour offers a wonderful avenue for an end of year highlight to celebrate the year past.

Walking Groups

The attraction of the Camino is obvious for walking groups who might also want to consider walking a section of the Camino Francés other than the section from Sarria to Santiago. Our personal favourite section purely from the point of view of walking is from León to Sarria, starting from the stunning cathedral of León and walking into Galicia via stunning mountain trails.

What Camino Groups offers your group


Our Pricing Strategy gives you the most competitive price for the most comprehensive package. We are fully confident that once you contact us, you will realise how our price, comprehensive package and assistance service stack up against other options and why Camino Groups is the tour company for you.

Comprehensive Package

As a bonded travel agent, we provide all the elements needed for your Camino tour – Flights, accommodation, travel insurance, airport transfers, luggage transfers, meals, pilgrim passports and walking notes.

Tailored packages

We tailor your tour to suit your group and your budget. From hostels to 5* accommodation, we guide you through creating your perfect tour.

Pre-Tour Support

At Camino Groups, we understand the needs of, and issues facing, groups, whether adult or youth. We help the group organiser every step of the way, providing 20 years’ worth of experience in how to organise a tour with a guide to all the things to do and not to do, from collecting deposits to organising supervision.

Presentation Evening

For any group booking of 25 or more, we will visit your group to make a presentation to group members on what a Camino tour involves along with an opportunity for Q+A, thus providing invaluable assistance to the group organiser. Camino Groups is the first Camino tour company in Ireland to provide this service.

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