Camino Groups

Solo Travellers

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is ‘I am a solo traveller, what are my options?”

Unfortunately, unless you are staying in albergues/hostels and managing your own booking, the options are expensive!



A self-guided booking is one where you choose a route and a date that suits you, we set everything up for you, and off you go! You aren’t part of a group, it’s your own individual itinerary.

The majority of our bookings are self-guided, just not many for solo travellers for reasons indicated here!

There are 2 extra costs that can make your final price an expensive one:

  • Single room supplement: For a 7 night package, that adds around €220 to your overall cost. Effectively, you are taking the space of 2 people for many accommodations, so of course you’re being charged for that! (Eoin’s note: As someone who travels on my own nearly all of the time, I’m just resigned to this extra cost – C’est la vie!)
  • Transfer supplement: This is the sneaky one! An airport transfer is a fixed cost and is the same whether you have 1 person or 4 people – so if you are travelling on your own, this is something you have to absorb on your own. The only alternative is to source your own public transport but this is something you have to do on your own as Camino Groups can’t control / stand over any public transport bookings. Depending on where you are on the Camino, an airport transfer can be a 2 hour journey by car and cost over €200.

Unfortunately, nor can we “match you” with another booking as that other booking is also a private booking. In any case, chances are that the dates and section wouldn’t match your request.

Group Tours

We run a small number of group tours each year; this is where a fixed date and section is booked and people from all corners are welcome to join.

But again, there are 2 issues that you need to be aware of:

  1. Groups tours usually sell out very quickly – if you aren’t in from the word go, you’ll probably miss out. We get a lot of people from previous bookings who come back from more!
  2. Even on group tours, there is limited single supplement availability – usually just 2 or 3 places.

The only surefire way to get first dibs on any group tour availability is to ask to join our mailing list (no spam, don’t worry!) – to do so, contact us by email and consider yourself informed!

1-Person Prices

Because of the difficulty of individualising itineraries for one person, we just offer guideline prices on a small number of our more popular itineraries, as follows:

  • €900 Sarria to Santiago – 7 nights – airport transfer from Santiago airport to Sarria included.
  • €950 Valença to Santiago – 7 nights – airport transfer from Santiago airport to Valença included.
  • €915 Santiago to Finisterre or Muxía – 7 nights – airport transfer from Finisterre or Muxía to Santiago airport included.
  • €1090 St Jean to Los Arcos – 7 nights – 2 airport transfers included (Biarritz – St Jean and Los Arcos – Bilbao). Add €90 for an 8th night in Logroño.
  • €1120 Porto to Baiona – 8 nights – airport transfer from Baiona to Porto airport included