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Charity Fundraiser

Walking on the Camino is a perfect fit for charities that are looking for new avenues for fundraising

There will always be people who want to walk the Camino and there will always be people who wish to help out their favourite charity – put them together in a group setting and you have a project that can work for you. Many charities now see the Camino as an annual venture – we can help you to choose new routes each year to cater for the fundraisers that will return to you year on year.

Since Camino Groups started working with charities in 2017, we have booked for national charities such as the Peter McVerry Trust, the NCBI and BeLonG To, as well as a host of local initiatives from sports clubs to local development groups.

There are 2 key questions that you might want to ask as a coordinator – how does a charity Camino booking work and why work with Camino Groups instead of some other Camino company?

The answer to the first question is probably one for a quick chat over the phone, the second question has the following key points to bear in mind….

PMV group in Santiago

Licensed and bonded in Ireland

Camino Groups is licensed by the Commission for Aviation Authority, meaning that your booking is secured financially. For a group booking of any kind, this is the probably the most important ‘eliminator’ but something that isn’t even considered by many.


The bottom line is always important! It’s especially so for charities in that every euro saved by choosing the best Camino company is an extra contribution to your cause. For more details on our pricing and most popular itineraries, have a look here, but for now it’s worth noting that we suggest you shop around and do like for like comparisons – especially with some of the older Camino companies! 


This can often come across as a vague concept. However, we will provide more options for you than any other Camino provider and will stand over that claim! As a licensed travel agent, we can book flights for you – most other companies either can’t (not licensed) or won’t do this for you. What’s more, we do so at cost. Other areas that aren’t always covered include airport transfers and travel insurance – airport transfers are included as standard by Camino Groups and travel insurance is an optional extra.

Direct Payment System

We have a dedicated Direct Payment System (DPS)  – we can handle as much or as little of your deposit payments as you wish.

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