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Camino Groups – Our Beginnings

Making lifelong friends on the Camino – from 2014

Camino Groups was founded in 2015 and things have certainly changed a lot since then!

We actually received our trading license from the Commission for Aviation Regulation in 2014 – on December 23rd to be exact – and it was as a specialist school tour company that things started. Then (and still now) the only specialist school tour company in Ireland, it soon became clear that what we were offering was striking a chord elsewhere.

5 amigos, 4 paises in 2014

You know all the catchy slogans and boasts? Well I have some bad news on that front! Camino Groups wasn’t the first nor is it the biggest Camino provider in Ireland. We don’t have the widest variety of routes, the glossiest brochures or the most advanced website. Sorry about that!

What we do have is something personal. If you book a Camino trip with us, you will have our support in all you do – before and during your trip. We will offer you a more complete service and at a lower price than any other provider. Don’t take that at face value – look and shop around!

It’s why word of mouth and repeat customers (many are now good friends!) are the main two reasons we are winning over customers from those companies with offices in multiple countries. You might see the Camino Groups van somewhere near you soon enough too!

Please have a good look through our website – hopefully we can chat about your Camino trip soon!

Eoin Garvey, Founder – Camino Groups. (the guy in the dodgy blue hoodie in the photo above!)

Our Mission

We don’t have an official Mission Statement!

But if we did, there are 3 things that we would like to see reflected in that:

It’s personal

Walking with guided groups, chatting at the Holiday World Show or Ploughing Championship, answering your phone calls and emails and hearing from you when you get home – these are the most enjoyable moments!

Quality of service

If you’re walking on the Camino, it’s up to us to make sure that you have an experience that’s uniquely yours. Our support to you in that should be at a level that is better than any other Camino provider. We hope that’s true, but we will let you be the judge of that!

Value for money

In the early days researching what other companies were offering and charging, it’s fair to say that we were dismayed at the prices being charged by existing operators! So, even though this sounds a bit clichéd, our simple guarantee is this: On a like for like basis, Camino Groups will give you the best value trip on every one of our routes.

What we can do for you

While Camino Groups was set up originally as a school tour company (and that’s still hugely important to us), the number of other bookings is growing year on year.

Today, we offer guided and self-guided tour options to groups of all shapes and sizes; anything from 8 people upwards. If you’re nervous about taking on the Camino on your own or if you want to book for a group, we can help you.

Charity groups, scouts, walking clubs, schools, parish groups, friends, retirees – we’ve worked with them all!

For a detailed look at why we hope you’d consider booking Camino Groups and the various services we offer, please click here.

Of course, we have looked at what services other operators provide. The great thing about this is that now we can confidently say that the range of services we offer you in your Camino booking is unmatched in Ireland.

Please have a look around the website and if you want to find out a bit more, contact us!