Camino Groups

Self-Guided Tours

What is a self-guided tour?

You choose your route, your dates and how you want your itinerary to look. We set all of this up for you and off you go!

It’s actually what the majority of our customers want to book – you aren’t tied down to set dates or a set itinerary. Whether there are 2 of you or 22 of you, start a conversation with us and we will advise you as to what the best fit is. Some people like the social aspect of a group booking, but the majority of our bookings are self-guided.

It applies to small bookings (from 1-8 people) as well as for groups larger than that. We treat every booking as important, whether it’s for one person, a couple or a small group. What’s more, we bring the value of a group booking to individuals so you know you’re getting your Camino experience at the best price available.

Whether you want to walk into Santiago or start in the Pyrenees, whether you want to walk on the Francés or have a different Camino experience like the Portugués, Inglés or Finisterre Caminos, whether you want to walk on your own or as part of a group, just contact us for a quote or just a chat – help and advice is free!

Keep browsing through the website to see a selection of the most popular routes and sections that we book for people.