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Guided Tours

Interested in joining a Camino Groups Guided Tour?

If you don’t want to miss out on getting first notice on all our future guided trips, then make sure you ask to be included in our Sonas Friends group (see below).

Our guided tours are always popular for those who like a social side to their Camino. If you’ve always wanted to walk the Camino, but with others, then you’re in the right place – we will stop for that café or vino and we will laugh at our blisters!

The 2022 guided tours were almost completely sold out long before 2021 came to an end – if you don’t book early, then you might be disappointed. The best way to ensure that you hear about our future group tours and get first dibs on places is to become a member of the Sonas Friends group – contact us for details. Many group tours are booked out by people who’ve walked with us before, so to borrow/steal a phrase – “If you’re not in, you can’t win”!

Group tours are open to individuals, pairs or more, and we always hope that you’ll have many laughs along the way – the Camino is there to be enjoyed! We offer different sections each year and from late 2022, we hope to bring a couple of non-Camino surprises your way too!

Our escorted walks are designed with three objectives in mind

  • Independence – Walk the Camino at a pace that suits you. When you need us, the Group Leader and the group is there for you, but we believe that everyone should experience the Camino for themselves! No rules, no restrictions!
  • Fun – The biggest mistake people can make is to arrive with a list of expectations. Don’t – just go and enjoy yourself! 
  • Value and Service – No Irish operator will match the value and personal touch of Camino Groups, that’s a promise!

2022 Camino Guided Group Tours

*Update April 30th, 2021*

April 9th – 16th, Sarria to Santiago

Fully booked up.  For full details, click here.

April 16th – 23rd, Santiago to Finisterre and Muxía (plus 24 hours in A Coruña)

Fully booked up. For full details, click here.

June 4th – 11th, St Jean to Los Arcos

Fully booked up – waiting list now in operation (no more rooms will be added). For full details, click here.

July 19th – 17th, Valença to Santiago (finishing in Santiago on St James’ Day)

Last minute cancellation – 1 twin room available! (no more rooms will be added). For full details, click here.

September 30th – October 8th, Porto to Baiona

Fully booked up – waiting list now in operation. For full details, click here.

A New Idea for 2022 – Sonas Friends!

Join Sonas Friends Now

Since the early days of Camino Groups, we have made some great friends along the way. So we have decided to go on a few more journeys with them!

Sonas Friends (taking its name from Sonas Travel – the actual company name for Camino Groups) is our way of saying thanks to those who have travelled with us before. So how does it all work?

  • If you are in the Sonas Friends group, you are given details of all of our guided group tours before they are advertised publicly – so you get first dibs!
  • Anyone who has been on a tour with us before is given a 10% discount on the base cost of any guided tour – we might not make much out of you this time but it’s always great to see the familiar faces again! We don’t offer discounts on any other types of booking (they’re just a dishonest marketing gimmick really – why do businesses not just keep a lower price as standard?), so this exception is just to say thanks to repeats. 
  • If you haven’t been on a trip with us before, you’re still not losing out on anything. If you’re on the Sonas list, you get early notice. But any type of prior booking gets you the discount – self-guided, group or guided group.
  • From 2022, we will start to run non-Camino tours as well. There are some ideas in the pipeline that look exciting, so why not become one of the Sonas Friends group?