Walking Notes

Portomarín - Church Camino Groups offers all its clients our unique set of walking notes for the entire Camino Francés. In our notes, we give guidelines for each of our stages both in terms of the distance between each village or town as well as the estimated time this takes.

For each stage, we give an indication of the level of difficulty of the stage, the villages and towns you pass along the way and the directions needed as you walk. Keep in mind that the distances on the Camino haven’t yet been officially standardised and so should be used as an indication rather than an exact measurement.

Likewise, the time a walker takes obviously depends on the pace at which they walk. Our times were recorded at a reasonably quick pace without threatening land speed records! It’s also worth noting that the times do not include rest stops which of course will be necessary, these are the times between each possible resting point so that you will be able to gauge the length of your walking day.

A tip you might use is this – When we walked the Camino, we used the general principle that we would walk at least 10km each day before we stopped for our first break. After that, it depended on how far away the next village was and how full of beans we felt, but at least by having walked a minimum of 10km, we had made the rest of the day seem less intimidating in terms of distance.

We have detailed walking notes for the following:

  • All 32 stages of the Camino Francés (from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago)
  • The Camino Inglés from Ferrol to Santiago.
  • The last section of the Camino Portugués from Valenca/Tui to Santiago
  • The Camino Portugués route along the coast from Porto to Baiona
  • From Santiago to Finisterre and Muxía.

Whether you are walking with Camino Groups or walking with another company, we are happy to share this resource with you – just contact us and we will email those on to you!