Camino Inglés

If you want a tranquil Camino experience, far removed from the social bustle of the Francés, then the Camino Inglés might very be the thing for you!

Ideal for a 1 week trip, the Inglés is similar in length to the Sarria – Santiago stretch, covering 116km from the navy port of Ferrol to Santiago De Compostela.

The Inglés gets its name from its location north of Santiago – a traditional starting point for pilgrims from the U.K. (which would of course have included Ireland once upon a time – are we allowed to admit to a hint of jealousy that it’s not called the Camino Irlandés?!). Starting in either Ferrol or La Coruña, the Camino follows the coast before heading inland and south towards Santiago. As La Coruña (or A Coruña in the local Gallego language) is within the 100km distance from Santiago required as a minimum distance for certification, many choose to start from Ferrol.

The typical itinerary looks something like this:

  • Day 1 – Fly from Dublin to Santiago. Transfer to Ferrol for overnight accommodation.
  • Day 2 – Walk from Ferrol to Pontedeume, 30.4km. The option exists to split the day into 2 stages by staying in Neda.
  • Day 3 – Walk to Betanzos, 20.2km.
  • Day 4 – Walk from Betanzos to Bruma, 27.8km. Transfer to O Mesón do Vento for accommodation.
  • Day 5 – Return to Bruma to walk to Sigueiro, 24.1km.
  • Day 6 – Walk from Sigueiro to Santiago de Compostela, 16.7km

The Camino Inglés is much quieter than the Francés. That’s neither better nor worse, to each their own! Accommodation options are limited (for example, the only accommodation in Bruma is an Albergue, thus the need for a 2km transfer off-Camino if you want rooms) and there aren’t as many cafes, bars and restaurants either.

There are some lovely highlights – the Magdalena beach at Cabanas, the pretty town of Pontedeume, the old buildings and plaza of Betanzos and the rural tranquility of the walk to Bruma.

The Camino Francés it isn’t, a wonderful Camino experience it certainly is.

As with the Francés, we organise your entire itinerary for you – expect a similar price as for the week from Sarria to Santiago.

Finally, if you are looking for walking notes in advance of your walk, we are happy to oblige! Email us and we will send them on to you!