Camino Finisterre

Walking to Finisterre is as important for some people as walking to Santiago. It was always thus.

The journey to the “end of the world” evokes emotions that can be seen to be a part of a tradition that pre-dates the Camino and Christianity itself. A tradition in touch with nature, something basic, something raw.

Finisterre, Fisterra in Gallego, is a small fishing town about 86km west of Santiago, not as the crow flies but as the feet walk! Some will walk there having reached Santiago, others will undertake the walk as a full Camino in its own right. Indeed, a different form of certification, the Finisterana, is available from the municipal albergue for those who have walked from Santiago.

Finisterre is famous for its lighthouse, a further 3km from the town centre. It is here that many pilgrims burn (illegally!) footwear or clothes from their long Camino, marking the end of one journey for them but also marking the point where they turn back to the life they temporarily left behind.

Some continue to Muxia, another long day’s walk from Finisterre, a beautiful place to witness the wild Atlantic on the Costa de Morte, the Death Coast.

Camino Groups offers an escorted tour option to Finisterre, including overnights in Santiago, Negreira, A Picota, Olveiroa, Ceé and Finisterre, before returning to Santiago via Muxia.

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