Camino Portugués

The Camino Portugués is the fastest growing Camino route!

For those who wish to finish in Santiago (and thus qualify for their Camino cert – the “Compostela” – by walking over 100km), the Portugués offers a more serene alternative to the busier Sarria-Santiago section.

Valenca and Tui lie on either side of the Minho river, the natural border between Spain and Portugal, and are about 120km from Santiago. This is a section that you can cover in a 1 week itinerary.

A section that is starting to generate a lot of interest is the walk along the coast from Porto to Baiona (or as far as you wish really!). This is called the Senda Litoral and not to be confused with the “Coastal Route” which tends to lie a little inland and not hug the Atlantic coast (more’s the pity!).

For either of these sections, we will give you our brochure, containing itinerary, guideline price and a list of what we will do for you to organise your trip. Just contact us and we will happily send that on to you!